Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone

The City of Saginaw, Texas, a Texas home-rule municipality (the “City”) has the authority under Chapter 311, Texas Tax Code, Tax Increment Financing Act, as amended (the “Act”) to designate a contiguous or noncontiguous geographic area within the corporate limits or extraterritorial jurisdiction of the City as a tax increment reinvestment zone to promote development or redevelopment of the area because the governing body of the City (the “City Council”) has determined that development or redevelopment would not occur solely through private investment in the reasonably foreseeable future, that the Zone is feasible, and that creation of the Zone is in the best interest of the City and the property in the Zone. The purpose of the Zone is to facilitate such development or redevelopment by financing the costs of public works, public improvements, programs, and other projects benefiting the Zone, plus other costs incidental to those expenditures, all of which costs are authorized by the Act.

The City Council intends to create a tax increment reinvestment zone to be known as “Reinvestment Zone Number One, City of Saginaw, Texas” (the “Zone”) that includes approximately 128.8 acres of land which parcels are identified on Exhibit H and depicted on Exhibit A (the “Property”). The Property is currently zoned agriculture, community commercial, planned development, light industrial, community facilities, multifamily and single-family. The Property is undeveloped, and due to its size, location, and physical characteristics, development will not occur solely through private investment in the foreseeable future. The Property substantially impairs and arrests the sound growth of the City because it is predominately open and undeveloped due to factors such as the lack of public infrastructure and the need for economic incentive to attract development to the Zone for the purpose of providing long-term economic benefits including, but not limited to, increased real property tax base for all taxing units in the Zone. If the public improvements, and other projects are financed as contemplated by this Preliminary Plan (hereinafter defined), the City envisions that the Property will be developed to take full advantage of the opportunity to bring to the City, Tarrant County, (the “County”), and Tarrant County College District (the “College District”), quality master planned residential and commercial development.

The Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board meets as needed

Board Members
Todd Flippo, Chairperson Place One Term Expires December 31, 2024
Paul Felegy Place Two Term Expires December 31, 2024
Nicky Lawson Place Three Term Expires December 31, 2024
Valerie Tankersley Place Four Term Expires December 31, 2024
Brack St. Clair Place Five Term Expires December 31, 2025
Cindy Bighorse Place Six Term Expires December 31, 2024
Mary Copeland Place Seven Term Expires December 31, 2025
Tracey Knight
Chief of Staff
Tarrant County Precinct Four
Place Eight Term Expires December 31, 2025
Ronnie Watkins, MBA
Executive Director of Finance & Administrative Services
Tarrant County College District
Place Nine Term Expires December 31, 2025

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