Boards and Committees

Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Advisory boards, commissions and committees play a vital role in the decision-making and policy-setting processes, which enhance the Quality of Life in Saginaw. The City could not function without the many hours of volunteer time, energy, and expertise contributed by each dedicated member of the boards, commissions, and committees.

Membership is open to all Saginaw residents who have lived in Saginaw for at least one year immediately preceding their appointment, unless otherwise noted by an ordinance, bylaws or regulatory provisions of that board or committee. Regular attendance at all meetings of the board or committee in which one is appointed is required.

Residents are welcome to attend all city meetings. Meeting times are listed and all meetings are posted at City Hall at least 72 hours prior to the meetings.

Applying for a Position

If you want to become part of our Saginaw team, the city is seeking interested persons willing to serve on various boards, commissions, and committees. These entities were established to assist and advise the City Council on specific issues. All applicants must have resided in the City of Saginaw for 12 consecutive months prior to appointment. Most positions are filled at the first City Council meeting in June. All positions of the City of Saginaw boards, commissions, and committees are voluntary. Citizens may apply to serve in any capacity. Most positions have 2-year terms.

If you are a resident of Saginaw and interested in joining a board, commission, or committee, we encourage you to apply. For more information contact the City Secretary’s Office by calling 817-230-0327 or emailing

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Residents are appointed by the City Council to volunteer on the following boards and committees: