Animal Shelter Advisory Committee


The purpose of the committee shall be to assist animal shelters located within the city limits regarding compliance with Chapter 823 of the Health and Safety Code. Additionally, upon request of the city council, the committee may: (i) provide recommendations to the city regarding its compliance with the Texas Rabies Control Act and (ii) recommend ways to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the city’s animal control program. For more information, contact the Animal Services Manager at 817-230-0460.


  • The Animal Shelter Advisory Committee meets at least three times per year
  • Conference Room at the Public Works Facility, 205 Brenda Lane

Committee Members

Member Place Term Expiration Date
Dr. Karen Metzler, Licensed Veterinarian Place One July 2025
Tammy Southard Place Two July 2024
Joseph Stout, Involved in Animal Welfare Organization Place Three July 2025
Jose Wheeland, City Official Place Four July 2024
Breanna Farley, Involved in Shelter Operations Place Five July 2025
John Peet Place Six July 2024
Judy Deller Place Seven July 2025
Laura Yandell Place Eight July 2024
Stacy Liebel Place Nine July 2025
Spencer Meara Alternate 1 July 2025
Megan Le Alternate 2 July 2024

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12/07/22 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
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10/21/20 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
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