Business Beautification Award

The Business Beautification Award Program was designed by the Keep Saginaw Beautiful Committee and the Economic Development Department to recognize Saginaw business owners whose properties reflect pride of ownership and commitment to the beautification of the city thereby contributing in a positive manner to the overall appearance of the City of Saginaw.

Document (4)Nominations

Nominations may be made by submitting an application to the Keep Saginaw Beautiful Committee. The following groups may complete applications:

  • Residents of Saginaw
  • Employees of any Saginaw Business
  • Keep Saginaw Beautiful Committee members
  • Elected City Officials
  • City Employees

To be nominated or considered for recognition, a Saginaw business must be in total compliance with all city codes and ordinances.   The Keep Saginaw Beautiful Committee will approve nominations for the Business Beautification Award based on observations, discussions, and comments of the Committee members.  Award winners will be recognized at a Saginaw City Council Meeting for all their hard work, commitment and dedication to keeping Saginaw looking beautiful.

Recognition Categories

Awards are given in three (3) categories:

  • Overall Appearance: This category includes business facilities that exhibit a sustained quality and professional appearance. It may include superior landscaping, fresh paint, and/or new and professional signage, as well as parking lot, tree, and building structure maintenance and improvement. Businesses cannot be negatively viewed for signage or markings that are used for promoting business activity. An example of this is a gas station that uses signage with prices in the front of the building. However, the gas station would be expected to maintain the signage and its surrounding area in order to be considered for recognition and an award. This category is to be viewed as the highest recognition level.
  • Most Improved: This category includes those businesses that have made an overt effort to improve the property appearance within the previous six months. There is no requirement that a business change management to be eligible for this recognition. The improvement may include one aspect of the facility, but not the entire facility, to be eligible. The focus of this award is on change that improves the appearance of the City. A new paint job, a re-due of the landscaping, a new parking lot, or other visual improvements qualify all qualify in this category. The underlying intent of this category is the effort expended to achieve a visual improvement to the property. A strip shopping center that re-faced its buildings would be an example of qualifying in the category.
  • Superior Landscaping: This category is self-explanatory. The business must maintain greenery to qualify in this category. No requirement of percentage of property or number of trees/bushes/plantings is to be used as criteria to nominate a business. If a business owner keeps the landscaping neat and attractive without major changes in the facility, it will still quality for this award.

A Keep Saginaw Beautiful Citizen Committee Program
For more information, call 817-230-0331 or by email.